Any sink is prone to leak, and if not repaired, water damage can occur to the cabinet and flooring beneath. With Xtreme Mats you can say "goodbye" to damage from water leaks and the growth of unhealthy mold in your cabinets. We have compiled 8 reasons why every house needs Xtreme mats under all sink base cabinets: BEFORE                                                                           AFTER slide5_damage_before     slide6_damage_after

  • Protection: Our Xtreme mat ( 30" and 36" cabinet mats )is specially designed to protect your expensive cabinets from not only dripping water but also from all kinds of stains, scratches, and chemical spills. You can be rest assured that your cabinets and flooring will not be damaged from any of the above even if a large amount of liquid is spilled.
  • Construction: Our Xtreme mat is made of polypropylene and is extremely durable and mold resistant. Thus you can rest assured that even if it contains a lot of water it will not grow harmful mold and cause problems.
  • Fit: Xtreme Mats fit snugly into any standard cabinet. Under Sink Cabinets Mats can be installed in a base cabinet with or without a center support. You just slide it in and it will take care of the rest.
  • Capacity: The sides of our mats are 3/4 to 1 inch high and thus can hold a total of up to 3 gallons of water or any liquid in our 36” mat. Thus, even if there is a large amount of spill, you need not worry as our mats will take care of it.
  • Uses: You can use our product in kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets, during crafts and home improvements, as a boot tray and also as an utility mat.
  • Size: Available for 7 size base cabinets and it comes in two colors, beige and grey. You can choose whichever mat fits your cabinet and save yourself a lot of money from costly repairs.
  • sensor_hrez-269x300Water Sensor: One of the best features of our mat is that it comes with a free water sensor (when purchased through that emits a loud alarm of 100 dB when water comes in contact with it. The water sensor has a designated location on all Xtreme Mats. They are sold separately and the internal battery lasts up to 2 years. We have designed channels in the mat that will direct any liquid to a water sensor.
  • Warranty: Xtreme Mats come with a lifetime warranty. We ship products free of cost and offer drop shipping programs for distributors.

So quit thinking and protect your home with an Xtreme Mat today. You never know when those pipes are going to leak!