Did you know that the cabinet under your kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest and most unhygienic places in your house? The types of items stored under any sink base cabinet tend to be wet in nature. The storing of sponges, wet brushes and products that get wet during use add to the breeding ground for mold. Did you also know that the best conditions for mold are dark and damp areas that contain moisture with lack of airflow. For these reasons all sink base cabinets are exposed to constant moisture making them prone to mold growth and bacteria. Do you ever notice water under you kitchen sink and wonder where it came from? There are no signs of a plumbing leak but the puddle or water drops are apparent.

One of the most common areas for water to leak into your base cabinet is from around your soap dispenser or faucet cut out. All the water splashing behind your sink finds its way around the base of those fixtures mounted on your counters. Water then proceeds along the hose into the base of your sink cabinet and starts to deteriorate the base cabinet floor. This is very costly to fix but easily preventable with the Xtreme Mats under sink cabinet mat. Cleaning products and chemicals stored under your sink also damages cabinets. Product spills and Scratches are other reasons sink base cabinets get damaged over time. If you want the area under your sink to remain safe, clean and germ-free, then a cabinet mat can be the perfect solution for your Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry room. There are a wide range of cabinet mats available in the market these days. But there are certain things that you have to consider before making your final purchase. Let’s talk about them in detail.

How much water can the mat hold? If you’re placing the mat under your sink, it is going to be exposed to the possibility of water in the event of a leak and moisture. Give attention to the amount of water it can contain before leaking out your cabinet and destroying your cabinet and flooring. Xtreme Mats 36” kitchen depth mat is capable of holding 3.1 Gallons of liquid our 30” vanity depth mat holds 1.8 gallons of water. This is a huge difference from the other mats on the market that do not hold water at all and only allow the water to drain out the front of the cabinet, ultimately ruining not only your cabinet but also your flooring. Is the mat firm or pliable? Installing a pliable mat is the easiest and best, reason being if your mat is firm you won’t be able to install it in a cabinet with a center support, unless you install prior to counter installation.

All Xtreme Mats are pliable and made from an Eco-Friendly Low Density Polyethylene. Is it easy to clean? Once you have installed a cabinet mat under your sink, clean it on a regular basis to keep an eye on any small leaks. You should be able to clean any mat with soap and water unless you purchase shelf paper. Is it available in different widths and depths? Manufactured cabinets are produced in standard widths and depths. There are also custom cabinets which are just that custom sizes. Xtreme Mats produce under sink cabinet mats that fit the following sizes: 36”, 33”, 30” wide kitchen depth cabinets and 36”, 33”, 30” vanity depth cabinets. Does the mat off-gas, what is off gassing? Before buying a cabinet mat, make sure it doesn’t produce a chemical odor (VOC’s) that are a potential health hazard that you will smell every time you open your cabinet. If there is an odor it will take awhile to off gas since there isn’t airflow under your cabinets. Xtreme Mats product produce no VOC, which is safer for your health and environment. With all the information above you can be sure to find the perfect under cabinet sink Mat that will protect one of your largest and most loved possessions (your kitchen & bath cabinets) and also protect your health from Mold and VOC’s. Now that is good news!