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Brandon Burkey


I never give up!

My passion is creating companies and solving problems! There is nothing more energizing and fulfilling than finding a need and starting a company to fulfil that need and watch it grow! That's me; that's who I am! 

Burkey Risk Services, Inc. is an Insurance and Risk Management firm established in 1987 by my parents.  It has built a reputation of professionalism, integrity, and trust with its clients. From this foundation, I founded Burkey & Associates Realty, Inc., built on the same time-proven successful principles of my family’s business. Burkey & Associates Realty specializes in helping you buy, build or sell real estate with professionalism, honesty and integrity as its company’s core values. I understand the value of client relationships and always prioritizes their needs and objectives.

I've been licensed as a Real Estate Broker for 15 years and have been licensed in Commercial Property & Casualty, Life and Health insurances since 2002, maintaining constant relationships with the most prestigious builders and developers in Central Florida.

With over 15 years of experience in the Property & Casualty and Life & Health Insurance Industry, I became aware of identity theft claims. I began to see an increase in identity breaches and the lack of a readily available solution to the general public. That's when I saw an opportunity to help a consumer restore their identity. Saving countless hours, days, and weeks of making phone calls and trying to restore credit, I decided it was time for a restoration company that could fill that need.

That's when I created and started Identity Theft Fraud Solutions, LLC in 2009, providing identity theft resolutions and reimbursement predominantly to the insurance industry, who in turn, included the coverage in their policyholder's homeowners policies. I had a vision for creating a solution and I was excited to watch it get off the ground! I am always looking for opportunities to solve a problem!

Through the same mindset as my previous endeavours I started Xtreme Mats, this time the problem I wanted to solve was in one's home. I set out to create a product that would safeguard one's cabinets, envisioning a mat that would contain a large volume of liquid in the event of a product spill or plumbing leak. This was happening too frequently to too many people. This was an issue I had seen many times while in the Real Estate and Insurance industries. Now, this is where my passion lies... building this company to help others protect their most valuable asset, their home.

I hold an active Property and Casualty License, Life Health Variable Annuity, Real Estate Broker License and I'm a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist consultant.