Lifetime Warranty

All XTREME MATS (under cabinet and utility mats) carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

XTREME MATS, LLC. guarantees this warranty to the original purchaser only; warranty is not transferable. This warranty covers against normal wear and tear and guarantees that the product will not break, tear, or deform under normal usage.

XTREME MATS, LLC. will provide warranty service to all under cabinet and utility mat products that break or tear due to a manufacturer's defect, or normal wear and tear. Intentional damage or damage by an outside force such as an animal chewing on the mat, or the mat being damaged while being installed, will not qualify for warranty consideration. In order to preserve the water-proof feature of the mat, installation requiring cutting and drilling holes in the mat is not recommended. Altering the mat in anyway will eliminate the water-proof feature of this mat and voids the warranty.

Our mats are not intended to protect your kitchen, bath, or laundry cabinets from catastrophic plumbing failure or damage to dwelling.

For all Warranty claims please contact XTREME MATS, LLC. at (407) 392-0950 or send us an email at

Please retain your original receipt or invoice. If the warranty is approved, a full replacement will be provided.